2020 is the year when the automotive cybersecurity standards are fully rolled out. The successive promulgation of international standards and regulations means that automotive cybersecurity has become the "fourth safety" after active safety, passive safety and functional safety. ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29 make cybersecurity a regulatory requirement that vehicle manufacturers must deal with. Therefore, McKinsey predicts that the automotive cybersecurity market will grow substantially from USD4.9 billion in 2020 to USD9.7 billion in 2030. However, for an industry like the automotive that is accustomed to breaking down complex challenges and standardizing responses, cybersecurity is still an irregular anomaly. How to stay ahead of cyber threats?


The AutoCS 2021 welcomes cybersecurity executives, engineers, threat detection experts, risk management experts and other professionals. Our solution-focused conference is designed to help your organization prepare for the deployment of ISO/SAE 21434 standard. The AutoCS 2021 provides a platform for cooperation between industry, academia and government on threats, vulnerabilities and risk mitigation/countermeasures of modern automotive cybersecurity; it provides an opportunity for information exchange and social interaction and is also a platform for defining research needs. The construction of a good automotive cybersecurity ecosystem relies on the sincere cooperation of the entire industry chain. Let's link the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to elevate automotive cybersecurity to a new level of hierarchical "Active Defense in Depth" and jointly solve the problems faced by the industry.




● -Interpretation of the latest policies, regulations and standards of automotive cybersecurity.

- How should OEMs deal with cybersecurity and privacy risks?

For example, how to strengthen the construction of corporate cybersecurity, drivers and obstacles, etc.

- Automotive cybersecurity case study

such as: DDoS offensive and defensive thinking in Tesla's case, threat examples of future mobility etc.

● -Offensive and defensive practices for automotive cybersecurity.

- How to comprehensively deploy the vehicle cybersecurity protection?

For example: threat analysis and risk assessment, closed loop of vehicle networking security in the full life cycle, testing, operating system, etc.

- How to comprehensively deploy the protection of cybersecurity in vehicles?

For example: E/E architecture reform, CAN bus cybersecurity analysis, Ethernet, data security and privacy protection, digital car keys, OTA, firewall, etc.

How to deploy comprehensive cloud cybersecurity protection?

For example: data access and traceability of usage behavior, database operation and maintenance control, etc.


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